Oh hai der!

Thanks for stopping by. Not a whole lot to see but in time it'll arrive.
*I'm never shipping by carrier pigeon again... ugh.*

"Hmm... odd... this wasn't on the orignal blueprints.
STEVEN! What's this second white box for?"

*yells across the room*
"Image slider dude!"

Ugh. Nobody tells me nothing.
Well, stay tuned this is thing as well! I guess.

On the Internetz

*Cough cough*
Sorry about the dust. Ya, still working on this.

Merch & Design

I'm also an Independant Artist and love making fun designs for shirts, phone cases and decals. #swagyo
Check out my design and merch work on Redbubble & Dizinga!


Rick Abma is a local coffee roaster here in Central Alberta and I've had the priveledge to assist him in creating a website to help retail his quality roasted coffees.
I've also, of course, been fuelled by his 'Good Neighbour Coffee' and have to say it is very good indeed from espresso to daily brew i love it all!

Check out the Good Neighbour Coffee store online, on facebook, twitter and Rick's ministry through his blog.

Here's a few of my personal favorite beans from Rick's online store:


Ze'Penthouse & Friends

Living out of our sweet 4th floor pad, my finace and friends pull out all the stops for good times all week long.
We love people and love to build quality friendships and relationships with everyone through games nights, movie nights and more!

It's also crazy times as well. We even setup a 15 foot tall christmas tree on our patio for the whole neighbourhood!


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